Wluw Recommends... Girl K For Npr Tiny Desk

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WLUW Recommends... GIRL K for NPR Tiny Desk

WLUW recommends Chicago band Girl K as NPR’s Tiny Desk contest entry winner. This year, NPR’s annual contest to win a chance to participate in the iconic Tiny Desk series was opened up to all bands over the age of 18.

Hundreds of bands across the country have entered a video of their song. But Chicago indie rock outfit Girl K takes the cake.

Girl K is a four-piece independent band fronted by Kathy Patino. Girl K’s sophomore album, For Now, was released just a few weeks ago but has already managed to grab the attention of the Chicago Tribune, Noisey, and the Chicago Reader.

For Now teeters between energetic and cathartic. Patino’s unique and inviting voice sets the tone for Girl K’s breezy eight-track album. The single “Wish You Were Right” is a charming and strong center point to the album.

“Nothing stays the same and there’s a sad sentiment to it but also a very exciting part of it and hopefully, that’s captured in the album well,” said Patino in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

WLUW recommends Girl K as the winner of NPR’s Tiny Desk contest. Their warm stage presence and cheery guitars are almost impossible not to dance to and would fit in perfectly within Tiny Desk’s seminal list of alumni.

Watch Girl K’s content entry video of their song, “Wish You Were Right” above.

See other Tiny Desk contest entries on their website.

Cover photo by Laly Viveros. 


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