How to Listen to Black Mountain

Black Mountain are a Psychedelic Rock band from Vancouver, BC Canada. We can’t get enough of the strange galactic soundscapes they create on their new album IV, but we understand some may be unfamiliar with the band. In order to ensure the uninitiated have a proper introduction to the band, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to write some simple instructions for listening to Black Mountain.

  1. Build a spaceship. Big one, small one, red one, blue one, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure it’s cozy, and big enough to house a fireplace.
  2. Build a fireplace into your spaceship. Don’t forget a chimney. (You will want to devise an airlock system for the chimney, trust me).
  3. Knit a comfy sweater. I really recommend a turtleneck, but crewneck and pullovers will work just as well. The process goes: knit one, purl two, repeat.
  4. Go to your local record store and buy enough patches and pins of Heavy Metal and Psychedelic Rock bands to coat the exterior of your sweater.
  5. Coat the exterior of your sweater with said pins.
  6. Get a permit to launch your spaceship into the outer space, and set a date. (Note: this may take several decades).
  7. On launch day, bring some logs for your fireplace and put on your sweater
  8. Exit earth’s atmosphere
  9. Continue into the cosmos until you enter the orbit of an aesthetically pleasing planet. The choice is yours really, I’ve become quite partial to Betelgeuse, but any star will do.
  10. Get a fire going, kick up your feet and stare out the porthole of your aircraft at the star of your choosing.
  11. Listen to IV by Black Mountain.

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