Twin Peaks at Lincoln Hall

It was Friday the 13th, the weather outside shifted from beautiful to chilly and rainy, the Chicago Cubs won, and Chicago’s own Twin Peaks made everyone’s night at their sold-out show at Lincoln Hall.

The Twin Peaks show at Lincoln Hall was more than just a concert, it was an album-release party for Twin Peaks’ third record Down in Heaven. Joining them at the concert party were bands White Reaper and Funs. Entering the stage, you could easily tell that the night was going to be great just by the looks on the band’s faces.

Twin Peaks began their 17-song set with a pair of older and more up-beat tracks, “Stay in the Sand” and “I Found a New Way”, from their previous two records Sunken and Wild Onion respectively. The bouyant nostalgia got the crowd hyped immidiately, as was the perfect start to the show. 
Now, for those who do not know, there is no “front man” for the dudes in Twin Peaks, as four of the five members alternate the lead vocal part between songs, each member providing their own personality as they take turns leading the band.

Since it was the album-release party, the band played half of their set from their new record including their singles, “Walk to The One You Love” and “Butterfly”, in which the crowd stopped moshing and danced and sang along. Their set also included fan favorites such as “Good Lovin’”, “Flavor”, and closed with an extended version of “Strawberry Smoothie”, which included a riveting guitar solo and finished with a champagne shower on the crowd.

Between the band’s crazy stage antics as they hit guitar solos, to the fans running on stage and diving off, Twin Peaks fought the age old myth that Friday the 13th brings bad luck, but rather treated everyone in attendance to a great show.


1. Stand in the Sand
2. I Found a New Way
3. Boomers
4. Holding Roses
5. Telephone
6. Getting Better
7. Walk to the One You Love
8. My Boys
9. Natural Villain
10. Fade Away
11. Butterfly 
12. Good Lovin’
13. Keep it Together
14. Flavor
15. Wanted You
16. Making Breakfast
17. Strawberry Smoothie

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