Red Bull Sound Select Coverage Day 7 – Mitski

On day 7 of the RBSS #30DaysinChicago, Mitski headlined Lincoln Hall, with support from Miya Folick and Hazel English. She started things off with a favorite from her third release, Bury Me at Makeout Creek: “Frances Forever”. With three bands on the bill, and roughly a two and a half hour window for music, things had to be quick. Luckily for the majority of Mitski’s music, she was able to power through 16 bass/guitar driven anthems. When coming up on what she noted as the “hit single”, she engaged the entire venue in a sing-a-long of “Your Best American Girl”. Nearing the end of the set, Mitski said goodbye to her band mates, and she finished the rest of her set solo. Finishing up, she encouraged the audience to “walk away” as she noted it was “much more graceful that way. Save the encore for your mother. Call your mom”. No encore. What you see is what you get, and it was one heck of a performance.


  1. Francis Forever
  2. I Don’t Smoke
  3. Happy
  4. Dan the Dancer
  5. Once More to See You
  6. Townie
  7. Your Best American Girl
  8. Thursday Girl
  9. I bet on Losing Dogs
  10. First Love / Late Spring
  11. I Will
  12. Drunk Walk Home
  13. My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars (solo)
  14. A Burning Hill (solo)
  15. Last Words of a Shooting Star (solo)
  16. Class of 2013 (solo)

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