React & WLUW Presents: Mr. Carmack At Chop Shop & Ist Ward

Mr. Carmack at Chop Shop was unlike any concert I’ve been to before. Mr. Carmack’s ability to intricately string together genres and moods resulted in a beautiful concoction of jazzy contagious beats and synthy electronic goodness. The show seamlessly transitioned from one mood to another; the audience found themselves rapping to an electronic rendition of popular rap artist Tay-K’s “The Race” and later vibing to soulful rhythms accompanied by Mr. Carmack’s live trumpet and keyboard.

Mr. Carmack wasn’t the only musician on stage, as he brought along a friend who played strings throughout the set incorporating funky bass lines and rad guitar riffs into the show. The accompanying light show further immersed the audience into Mr. Carmack’s euphoric soundscape and served as the perfect visual for the show. Check out Mr. Carmack on his Original Sound tour and keep an eye out for the next time he stops in Chicago to experience his vast artistry and multi-faceted sound.

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