Yellow Days Sells Out Subterranean

Yellow Days, otherwise known as George Van Den Broek, has crafted music that makes us think of better days to come. The 18-year-old, English artist reminds me of a blissed out King Krule. With rich, strong vocals Yellow Days sings about love, the cycle of life, depression and overcoming. From the instant this show went on sale, I knew it was destined to sell out. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to catch Van Den Broek alongside a full band at Subterranean in Wicker Park on April 9th.

I walked into the show as Yellow Day’s was halfway through their second song. Better late than never. The place was packed. I headed upstairs to catch the next song; “Hurt in Love”, a personal favorite of mine. In between the next song, the crowd gassed the band up, showering them with praise from the balcony and the crowd. Before I knew it, someone slung a pair of womens underwear from the crowd, landing on Broek’s guitar. He humbly admitted to the crowd, “Well, that’s never happened before.” Yellow Day’s received all the love with poise followed by an impromptu song from Napoleon Dynamite. The show continued with uplifting tracks like “Nothing’s Going to Keep Me Down”, bringing the room to a full tilt, swaying back and forth with soulful intention. Throughout the show, you could see the warmth of happiness in the crowds eyes and smiles, a true reflection of what Yellow Day’s is. Although the show ended earlier than scheduled, Van Den Broek came out to the balcony to take photos, sign shirts, and share moments with many of the fans at the sold out show. 

When I listen to Yellow Day’s, I enjoy it just as I enjoy many other artists, idly in my car with some focus on the lyrics now and again. But to put an artists face to the tune makes a difference. Undoubtedly, the show has me looking forward to more yellow days like this one and more music from the young indie-rock prodigy.

Photos by Manny El Barbudo (@el_barbudo42)

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