Best Coast Headlines New Belgium’s Tour De Fat

It was a very hot day. Not just your average Chicago-summer-day-hot, but hot enough for Chicago to issue an excessive heat warning. Nonetheless, families, bike lovers, and beer connoisseurs alike made the trek out to Humboldt Park to partake in the festivities at Tour de Fat. The festival culminated with a slow bike ride through Humboldt Park and the surrounding Logan Park area. Hundred of cyclists braved the heat and joined in on the ride. A bike ride wasn’t the only entertainment New Belgium Brewing offered this weekend. They also had life-sized games, including Giant Jenga, and of course, beer. A lot of beer. Throughout the afternoon, different performers took the stage. Some had comedy routines, another coordinated a dance contest to win a free bike!

The main event this weekend was a performance by California indie rock band Best Coast. Best Coast took the stage around 4 p.m. and played a 16-song set.  Bethany Cosentino took the stage and immediately drew in the crowd. My inner High-School self was ecstatic. Most of the music played were from their first two albums, and included hits like “The Only Place,” “When I’m With You,” and “Boyfriend,” Bethany’s self-proclaimed least favorite song (but also their most popular). Before playing “Boyfriend,” Best Coast played the first line of “Do You Love Me Like You Used To,” but then stopped. Bethany announced she forgot the words, and invited fans on stage to help her sing. About 6 women jumped up and sang the words alongside Cosentino.

The festival ended early (about 5 p.m.) and those who had stuck through the heat wave began to leave. Although it was insanely hot (with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees) and the beer got flat towards the end of the festival, it was definitely worth spending $15 on.

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