Lala Lala “The Lamb” Album Release at The Empty Bottle

This particular record release show felt really special 🙂

The three bands, Choral Reefr, Dehd and Lala Lala brought in a huge (and sold-out) crowd, all packed in tight. A ton of musicians from local bands came out to show support. I admittedly freaked a little bit when I saw Greta from Frankie Cosmos walking into the bottle.

The night began and the mood was set with funk covered synths and glittering guitars from Choral Reefer and Dehd, Lala Lala then took the stage at around midnight. She played her new album, The Lamb, straight through and most likely for the first time. You could tell she was excited but had a really humble stage presence.

Lille West’s voice is one of the most striking elements of Lala Lala. It’s deep but crystal clear, and the ends of her words curl over into sweet high-pitched notes. It was hard to decipher the lyrics live unless you knew the album, but The Lamb is worth a deep listen because her lyrics are both funny and elusive. The floors vibrated and so did I when I heard her play “Destroyer”. A heart wrenching song with sad lyrics and an impending sense of dread. “The flu” sounded like a grunge version of an 80’s pop ballad in a John Hughes films, but all distorted and slowed down.

Her album takes a few listens to get into but once you do, you feel this instant connection with the writer, Lillie West. You’re immediately thrown into what sounds like her personal diary entries and the dread cuts you right up. A great show all in all, and one that many will think of fondly.

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