Low Cut Connie

After several long Halloween-filled days, the weekend was perfectly capped with a performance by Ruby Boots and Low Cut Connie at The Empty Bottle.

Hailing originally from Australia, the bandmates of Ruby Boots came on stage around 9:30 to tune their instruments before fully rocking out in this intimate setting. With a style similar to a mix of Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty, lead singer Rebecca “Bex” Chilcott (i.e. Ruby Boots) poured her heart into each word, with a powerhouse of a voice to match. An iconic moment of the night was her acapella rendition of her song “I Am a Woman”, which resonated with the crowd as she made sure to connect which each person in attendance. Playing their hits such as “Don’t Talk About It”, “Infatuation”, and “Believe in Heaven”, Ruby Boots guided the audience through a range of emotions, preparing us for the headliner, Low Cut Connie.

Originally from Philadelphia, Low Cut Connie formed in 2010. They began to make a name for themselves due to the large personalities each band member has, specifically the likes of lead singer and pianist Adam Weiner. Coming out in his signature vintage red windbreaker, white tank-top, suspenders, and a large Versace-esque chain, he managed to incite the audience to untapped energy levels throughout the show.

Each song a build-up from the last, Weiner played new and old hits, such as “Controversy”, “Beverly” and “Revolution Rock and Roll.” Members James Everhart, Will Donnelley, Larry Scotton, Lucas Rinz, and Saundra Williams aiding in this chaotic explosion of music. The relationships of each musician to one another shows how they are really having fun on stage doing what they love, and the audience just so happens to see their dynamics. With high flinging leg kicks and the spontaneous booty shake on top of the piano bench, Adam and the band manage to pull of a concert with the ferocious energy and unwavering love similar to Freddie Mercury’s performances. The sold-out Low Cut Connie show at the always intimate Empty Bottle was an old family reunion full of true rock and roll.

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