Kero Kero Bonito at Thalia Hall

The UK-based pop group, Kero Kero Bonito performed to an absolutely giddy crowd this past Thursday at Thalia Hall. The general consensus? It rocked.

Thalia was bumpin’ with fans, clad in animal hats, KBB merch and rainbow-colored garb. I was bouncing off the energy given out by show-goers and felt an immediate change of pace from the usual reserved, dressed-in-all-black indie rock fans. You don’t see too many pop groups performing at Thalia.

The lights dimmed and the chanting started.

“KBB, KBBB, KBBB” hooted the crowd.

The four-piece band arrived and jumped right into playing songs off the new album, Time ‘n’ Place. Maybe it was my old-man ears but I had a hard time hearing Sarah Perry’s vocals over the drummer and bass player. Regardless, I was vibing.

Song three began and a toy stuffed animal flamingo greeted the crowd. Kero Kero playfully swung it around as she sung her most popular song, “Flamingo.”  Everyone loved it. As the set went on Sarah’s voice gained some gusto and the vocals started to sound much more full.

I loved the shout-out that Sarah made to college radio, thanking her fans for getting the record on the NACC chart. Another fave quote from Sarah, “I’ve been eating a lot of cheese lately and have been having a lot of nightmares!”

It’s hard to believe that anyone could have a bad time at this show. One fan almost fell out of the opera box because she was dancing so hard. This was one of the most wholesome shows that I’ve seen in a while. Why sing about heartbreak and pain when you can sing about eating too much shrimp and turning pink like a flamingo?

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