Eyedress Brings his Debut Tour to the US

Idris Vicuña is Eyedress, a 28-year-old multi-instrumentalist, and producer based in the Philippines. Vicuña, born in Manila, Philippines, moved with his family to the United States at a young age where he began his music career in San Clemente, California, as the bassist in a crust punk band. Vicuña’s family moved back to the Philippines in 2005, where he and several friends thereafter formed contemplative surf rock band Bee Eyes.

Stepping away from the group, Vicuña sought to develop his own style as an individual musician, releasing his debut album under the name Eyedress, “Hearing Colors,” in 2014. He has since collaborated with musicians such as Edgar the Breathtaker a.k.a. King Krule, Pyramid Vritra, Jess Connelly and Jiin, and has continued to release music as Eyedress.

Released on November 16, “Sensitive G,” Eyedress’ second studio album on label Lex Records, is a comprehensive collection of laid-back indie beats. With varied influences – ranging from 90s R&B to lo-fi hip hip to bedroom pop – “Sensitive G” is beautifully multi-faceted from start to finish. Vicuña raps, sings and plays his way through the 20-song compilation, flowing from the simplistic guitar melodies of “Ancient Love” all the way into the alternative R&B bass line of the title track, “Sensitive G.”

Hypnotic and introspective, Vicuña’s cadence may come off as laid-back and breezy. Upon closer examination, it becomes increasingly apparent that his lyrics are anything but that; the musician dabbles in political and social topics of the modern world, which can perhaps best be exemplified in tracks, “Toxic Masculinity” – “I mask up my emotions, I try to hide the pain inside” – and “No Love in the City” – “There’s always a price to pay, radio sucks … it’s all about money and lust. I just want truth.”

Eyedress is hitting the United States on a 15-date tour in support of “Sensitive G” this winter and will be in Chicago at Schubas Tavern on Saturday, December 15.

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