Girlpool shares tracks from upcoming album, “What Chaos Is Imaginary”

Posted by: Morgan Ciocca on 11 jan

Girlpool released the title track of their upcoming album, “What Chaos Is Imaginary,” on Tuesday. The title track joins three other singles “Lucy’s,” “Where You Sink,” and “Hire.”

“What Chaos Is Imaginary” opens with an eerie synthesizer and crooning vocals, almost immediately entrancing listeners in a dream-like state akin to that evoked by Beach House or Saint Vincent. With stream of consciousness lyrics and classical instrumentals, “What Chaos Is Imaginary” draws listeners in until they are engulfed within the world that it creates.

“This song is about reckoning with … trying to find a path to forgiving myself, attempts to redevelop a relationship with the world where I could find some illusion of ‘safety’ and belief in the fact that I could ultimately take care of myself,” says vocalist and musician of Girlpool Harmony Tividad.

‘What Chaos is Imaginary’ is a song very close to my heartmind … closer than most.”

Using the singles as a window into the album as a whole, it seems “What Chaos Is Imaginary” is entirely unlike anything Girlpool has done before; their sound has undeniably grown from their earlier, more stripped-down tracks into a much more full-bodied and fleshed out sound.

Critics have praised “What Chaos Is Imaginary” as Girlpool’s most evolved and introspective album yet; “Their lyrics remain in the present tense, but their delivery suggests a retrospective candor, an indexing of past selves in order to make room for the self that’s still becoming,” observed Pitchfork.

“What Chaos Is Imaginary” is currently available for pre-order and will be released on Friday, February 1.

Girlpool announced that their tour in support of “What Chaos Is Imaginary” will commence this spring. WLUW will welcome Girlpool to Lincoln Hall on April 18. Tickets and show details can be found at!

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