Cherry Glazerr Releases Third Studio Album, “Stuffed and Ready”

By: Zoe Drellishak

It’s been a little over two years since Cherry Glazerr released their last album, “Apockalipstick” on January 20th, 2017. Clementine Creevy, lead singer and guitarist of the band, was fierce on “Apockalipstick”, yowling the empowering words to the fuzzy indie-rock tracks.

On February 1, Cherry Glazerr treated us with “Stuffed & Ready,” an album well worth the wait. There is a clear sonic and lyrical growth when comparing Cherry Glazerr’s last album to “Stuffed & Ready.” On a track titled “Sip O’ Poison” off of “Apockalipstick,” Creevy shouts “I smell the fear around us/ When I was 80ft tall.” The slamming of drums and frantic guitar strokes make up this fearless and confident track. When listening to “Stuffed & Ready” I can hear that same confidence that Creevy gives off with the strength of her voice, but the lyrics have changed.

The first single released from of the album, “Juicy Socks” starts off with Creevy’s clear and soft voice, delicately crooning “I don’t want nobody hurt/ But I made an exception with him.” After this first line, the soft strumming of the guitar and light tapping of the drums set in. Creevy then yells “Don’t be nervous” and you begin to hear the signature Cherry Glazerr head-bobbing, up-beat riff of the guitar that perfectly pairs with Creevy’s stentorian voice.

Listening through this album, I cannot seem to find a song that I don’t like.

“Stupid Fish” grabs you by the collar, forcefully singing “I’m a stupid fish and so are you/ Maybe I’m mad because I see me in you.” This track has a moody presence, and gives off an eerie vibe, ending with a shrill and powerful line by Creevy. The most popular track on the album, “Daddi” speaks of a lost Creevy, asking where to go and what to do. This track shows an apprehensive side of the artist, and through the blaring of the
guitar and drums, there is a girl who isn’t so confident and is now aware that she doesn’t have all of the answers. “What should I say/ Where should I go/ Is it okay with you?” Creevy repeats throughout this wondering track.

“Stuffed & Ready” brings together killer vocals, uplifting beats, and riffs that contradict the lyrics, and catchy melodies that shape this indie-rock album. I personally think that Cherry Glazerr could not have done better with this third release, and I cannot wait to see them live on February 23 at Bottom Lounge.

Doors open at 8pm, and there is no way I will be missing this show. Grab your tickets here, today.

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