Cherry Glazerr Leaves Bottom Lounge in Awe

Posted by: Scott Clancy

The West Loop was the latest stop on Cherry Glazerr’s Stuffed & Ready Tour this past Saturday the 23rd at the Bottom Lounge – stuffed with a sold-out crowd that was ready to watch the LA trio, fronted by the enigmatic and Clementine Creevy, shred and bop its way through cuts from the band’s third full length album – ‘Stuffed and Ready” – put out earlier this year, as well as tracks from their other classic records. 

Once again a three-piece following the departure of synth-queen Sasami, the live setting of Cherry Glaerr tracks gives each one a romp and power that doesn’t necessarily come through on record. “Ohio” opened the set and flowed into crowd favorite “Had Ten Dollaz.” A song written by a teenager who lost the money she saved for a pack of cigarettes sounds so good when an entire audience is lamenting along with it. Continuing with cuts from across all three albums like “Juicy Socks,” “Apocalipstick,” “Daddi,” “White’s Not My Color This Evening.” Old school Glazerr hit “Teenage Girl” got a metal treatment that packed an even harder punch on its already heavy hitting lyrics. 

Through all their bangers, the crowd never stopped dancing or moshing, the energy bounced back and forth from stage to pit, and the sweaty atmosphere gave the rainy and cold Chicago Winter a little taste of a sweaty LA club show. Backed by two huge inflatable cherries, Clem bounced all over her stage, leaning in and out of the crowd while she shredded on her strat (and when I say shredded – I mean she can really hammer it out!) Ending the set with the crowd-assaulting “Sip O Poison,” the band retuned for an encore of a surprising yet extremely welcome cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “Time To Get Away” and then bid the crowd farewell with the lead single from “Apocalipstick,” – the funked-up rocker “Told You I’d Be With The Guys.” 

Listening to Cherry Glazerr is always a fun time and they deliver all that fun and ten times more when they play a show. You can be assured that as one of the best live bands around today, they lead an exuberant and raucous crowd into rock and roll euphoria – take WLUW’s word for it, get stuffed and ready and be a slave to the glaze!!!

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