Westerman to Play Schubas March 10th

Posted by: Allison Lapinski

London-based artist Will Westerman is set to begin his US tour with Puma Blue this March.

Performing under his surname, Westerman has created an obscure space within folk-bedroom pop that is both subtle and imaginative. In October 2018, Westerman dropped his 4-track EP “Ark” under the Blue Flowers label. The crux of the EP lies in the ‘70s-inspired synth production on the single “Outside Sublime,” where Westerman showcases a promising future for indie music. The repetition of the lyrics “Be what you want, I’ll always be your champion” are a great contrast to all of the negativity in the world, and a sincere promise to not only others, but himself.

With all of this excitement building from last fall, WLUW was more than excited to look inside of the creative mind of Will Westerman, who called into Chicago from a Steely Dan concert in London. Here are some of the insights we learned:

Allison: What is currently your biggest source of inspiration for your music?

Westerman: I’m trying to make music that has a sense of optimism in it. Something that has sort of a positive message, it’s hard to make music with a happy message, but something that has a positive feeling to it.

A: How is your upcoming album coming along?

W: It is kind of getting there, I pieced some of it together over January, but I’m hoping to get it together after I get back from tour, hopefully before the summer.

A: Awesome, so where did you record your album, in London?

W: I recorded in Portugal actually because my producer moved to Lisbon. I was in Portugal of all of January. And I’ve been making a lot of music out there for about a year or so.

A: And is the production on the album going to be any different from the EPs, carrying over an electronic feel?

W: Yeah, it’s going to have more light elements. But I’m trying to combine those light textures into more programmed textures. It won’t be a radical difference from before, but there will be more light elements … it’s a lot of work so far.

A: I’m sure that it will pay off to be able to perform it too, is it rewarding to be able to perform your work live?

W: Oh definitely. I’m excited to be able to perform it live.

A: Have you ever been to Chicago?

W: No I haven’t! I’m looking forward to going. I’ve only been to New York and LA and I haven’t been to America since I played in September. We’ve got a lot more shows this time which is exciting.

A: And since you’re at the Steely Dan show, what’s your favorite song from them?

W: Oh I don’t know … I really like this song called Doctor Wu on an album called Katy Lied which wasn’t too popular in America, but it’s hard to choose.

A: Because you’ll be playing at South by Southwest, do you have any artists you’re wanting to go see while you’re there?

W: I haven’t actually looked yet just because I’m in the headspace of making my album, but I’m sure there will be loads of people to go see.

Before he heads to SXSW, Westerman plays Schubas Hall with Puma Blue on March 10th, and tickets are available here.

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