Tender Plays The Beat Kitchen 3/14

Posted by: Luke Landry

Hailing from London, England TENDER traveled all the way to Chicago’s Beat Kitchen on Thursday, March 14, 2019 in support of their newest full-length release, Fear Of Falling Asleep. It was released just a couple of months ago on January 18, 2019 and was featured as one of WLUW’s on rotation projects. Fear Of Falling Asleep is an indie electronic/alternative album that echoes the late night thoughts that keep you up at night such as past and present relationships, or existential feelings. The individual tracks of the album seamlessly fall into each other as if it were all one intertwined dream.

TENDER was able to interpret the dreamlike feelings from their album and incorporate it into their live show. Their surreal ambiance resonated in the extra-small space of the Beat Kitchen. What made it even more special was the weather in Chicago that accompanied the live performance. A windy and rainy day is seemingly the perfect and most beautiful weather for TENDER’s music. The members of the live band wore all white outfits, which absorbed the stage lights stunningly. Together, they created the harmonious sounds that reached our ears. The crowd was standing close together, as they swayed in rhythm and unison. It was a flawless set that left the audience craving for more. Once TENDER finished playing their last track, the crowd cheered them back on stage for an encore.

TENDER played one more song, and then humbly walked through the crowd to the merchandise table in the back. They gave out a multitude of high-fives, fist bumps, and ‘thank you’s as they made their way through. At the merch table, they happily signed records and took pictures with fans eager to express their gratitude of an absolutely stellar performance.

They will be on tour in North America until April 11 before heading back to London for a homecoming show on April 25. See if they are making a stop in your city here.

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