Who is black midi?

Posted by: Jamie McMillin London based noise/math/art-rock/post-punk/improvisational-jazz group black midi (stylized in lower case) are hard to pin down not simply for their self-imposed mysteriousness and lack of official releases, but also for the shapeshifting nature of their music. The quartet (comprised of singer and guitarist Geordie Greep, bassist and vocalist Cameron Picton, drummer Morgan [...]

Live: Chris Cohen at The Hideout

Posted by: Madeline Wakenight With whiskey ginger in hand and a warm breeze passing through the front deck of The Hideout, I knew this show was going to be special. I was only 16 when Overgrown Path was released and it turned out to be a seminal album in my own musical exploration. Feeling nostalgic [...]

Show Me The Body is All About the Music

Posted by: Madeline Wakenight Bright floodlights swamped the stage and the boys emerged. Emerged from what exactly? That is the unanswerable mystery and charm that made their show such a transfixing experience. I mistakenly forgot my earplugs but there was no going back. I let the swirl of metal grit and noise ring into my [...]

WLUW Staff picks for Record Store Day 2019

Posted By: Jamie McMillin Every year Record Store Day celebrates indepedent records stores and their place in the music industry. Thousands of music fans lineup early in the morning at record stores across the country to snag limited edition LPs and snag old favorites. Stores themselves run fun promotions and feature live bands and DJs. [...]