We Can’t Stop Boogie-ing to Drugdealer

Posted by: Elise McGannon I don’t use the word “silly” often - but it’s the perfect adjective to describe L.A. based singer/songwriter Michael Collins, aka Drugdealer, and I use “silly” as a compliment. Collins’s fun and personable attitude on stage at their Chicago show this late July added another layer of joy on top of [...]

WLUW Covers Pitchfork 2019

Standing on the Corner:  Standing on the Corner, led by Gio Escobar, has proven to be a tough act to decipher. With music that blends jazz and hip-hop with a slew of other genres, the only certainty that comes with the group is the promise of constructed chaos. Walking up to the Green Stage, one [...]

WLUW’s Pitchfork Festival Preview

It's already July, and WLUW has been gearing up for Pitchfork Festival by running giveaways, playing your favorite artists performing at Pitchfork on-air, and of course, reading up on all of this year's acts. WLUW staff has chosen some of our favorite artists that are performing this year, and created a summary of that artist and what [...]