WLUW Sits Down with Frankie Cosmos

September 28, 2019 wluwfmchicago 0

by Anais Turiello Greta Kline is no stranger to the indie music scene, but most people may not know her by that name.  Over a decade ago, alone in her bedroom, Kline gave life to the project that is solely – and widely – known now as Frankie Cosmos. The […]

A Conversation with Spacebones

September 28, 2019 wluwfmchicago 0

Photo by Emma Zanger by Anais Turiello Spacebones is a different kind of DIY band.  The group, consisting of Tyrone Reed, Patrick Hubbard, Steven O’Toole, Robert Rashid and Loyola alumnus David Gates, has transformed their Chicago home into one of the most recognizable DIY venues known to those acquainted with […]

The Luis Mejía Riot Fest Review: Ska Edition

September 24, 2019 wluwfmchicago 0

Photo by Morgan Ciocca Article by Luis Mejía Ahrens I hate to be this guy, but let’s talk ska. I know, it has been years since ska has reached its apogee. The mid-1990s came and went, bringing with them new and exciting forms of music, but here at WLUW we […]

4 Minutes Later – EP Review

September 24, 2019 wluwfmchicago 0

by Matea Peric 4 Minutes Later is an anonymous band that is transforming modern pop music. Although none of the members have released their identities publicly, their debut self-titled EP showcases the band’s individuality in its stylistic range and strong roots in personal experience. The EP, released on Sept. 20 […]

Thrashing and Screaming: A Night with Mannequin Pussy

September 12, 2019 wluwfmchicago 0

Reviewed by: Allison Lapinski Mannequin Pussy grabbed Chicago by the balls last night at their sold-out Lincoln Hall show. Originally booked at the sister venue Schubas Tavern, it was no surprise that Chicago folks turned out to see the established, and yet, rising band from Philly. Similar to their namesake, […]