4 Minutes Later – EP Review

by Matea Peric

4 Minutes Later is an anonymous band that is transforming modern pop music. Although none of the members have released their identities publicly, their debut self-titled EP showcases the band’s individuality in its stylistic range and strong roots in personal experience.

The EP, released on Sept. 20 of this year, focuses primarily on complicated relationships and internal struggle. “4 Minutes Later” EP is rich in its variety, incorporating elements of many genres and several different messages listeners may take away.

“Can You Feel My Bones,” the EP’s opening track, is a shimmering, soft pop-rock song about falling in love. This jubilant, lively track will have first-time listeners dancing by the time the chorus begins. 

Some of the same excitement is transferred to the EP’s next two songs, “Terrified” and “My Way.” These tracks are considered to be the “new” songs on the EP, since the final three singles were released earlier this year. “My Way” is a motivational song about taking ownership of your life and refusing to allow others’ opinions dictate it. The band dabbles in elements of rock music on “My Way,” incorporating a brightly-toned guitar solo toward the song’s end.

“‘Terrified’ is a bop…if we do say so ourselves. ‘My Way’ is a fighter song that also looks to bring the guitar solo back to pop,” the band remarks. “They are all written from a place of real-life experiences, and we feel as though it is a representation of where we are currently in our lives.”

The final two tracks, “Troubled” and “Bad Love,” slow down the primarily fast-paced tempo of the rest of the EP. These songs are both about conflict; one about an internal struggle and the other about a complicated relationship.

“Bad Love” is a duet between Canadian singer-songwriter Laur Elle and 4 Minutes Later’s lead singer. It is about two people coming to acknowledge the toxicity of their relationship, ultimately finding the strength to end it. “Bad Love” is a vulnerable ballad, and Elle’s vocals give it a personal feel. 

“The song does follow a timeline of a relationship one band member was in. When you go from ‘CYFMB’ to ‘Troubled’ to ‘Bad Love,’ it really outlines that relationship,” the band explains. “It tells a story of two people that just were not right for each other. I think we have all been there where the harder you fight to make it work, the worse it gets.”

Aside from their music, 4 Minutes Later have garnered much curiosity surrounding their anonymity – but they admit it hasn’t been easy on them.

“We really want to meet and interact with our fans,” the band says. “It is the only thing that drives us crazy about being anonymous.”

Not many musicians withhold their identities; as the band explains, they decided to remain anonymous in order to “start off simple and just sell music” rather than selling an image.

“Being anonymous has allowed us to solely focus on music and grow as songwriters and people…it lets us create whatever music we truly feel, which is incredible because music is all about feeling. It is the most universal form of communication in the world,” they explain. “It brings people together; it certainly brought us to a great group of people who believe in what we do.”

“We want the music to speak for itself. We will reveal ourselves eventually … probably sooner [rather] than later.”

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