Crumb Takes Thalia Hall to Dreamland

By Maddie Chaudron

The chilly weather in Pilsen didn’t stop crowds from filling Thalia Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 6, to see Brooklyn dream-pop band Crumb perform. The group recently gained recognition due to their 2017 track “Locket” becoming a hit song on Generation Z’s preferred social media app Tik Tok, and began their 2019 tour this September in support of their debut album “Jinx.”

Crumb proved to be more than just a Tik Tok one-hit-wonder during their electric Chicago performance. The band has been touring with groups Divino Niño and Shormey, both of whom were able to join Crumb for their Thalia Hall performance.

Balloons were a constant presence throughout the group’s set. Halfway through performing a song, lead singer Lila Ramani brought out a splatter-painted balloon bouquet, cutting the strings to release them inside the venue. Additionally, the stage was set up with four large balloons which stayed put alongside the musicians throughout their performance – until a lucky attendee got the chance to take one home after the set.

While the group performed several songs from “Jinx,” including “Part III” and “Ghostride,” they also incorporated many favorites from previous EPs into the set. “Bones” was a crowd favorite, as well as “Locket,” during which everyone sang along.

The dreamy ambience of the show created a perfect environment for the dream-pop songs that Crumb creates. The group has a promising sound that has wowed fans, and they are sure to continue making beautiful music.

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