Fran Takes On The Hideout 11/23 Following Release of Debut Album

By: Allison Lapinski

One of Chicago’s favorite indie artists, Fran, is set to perform her album release show at the Hideout on Saturday, November 23rd.

Fran’s debut album with Fire Talk Records, entitled “A Private Picture,” was released on November 15th to much acclaim. The eight tracks on the album weave in and out of complex–and per its namesake–deeply personal anecdotes from Fran’s life.

The song “Company,” is a stellar moment off the album, evoking images of frustration and confusion stemming from loneliness. The production on the song is entirely post-punk, with thrashing strings and heavy percussive solos between the chorus and verses. Fran’s vocals build more and more, teetering on the edge of pure rage by the conclusion of the song.

Yet the sound on the record takes a turn with a folksy ballad on “Time and Place.” A country twang in the simplistic guitars narrates the melancholic song while Fran cries out in despair, as the opening lyrics read: “Don’t look down on me / don’t swallow me down and decide to spit me back out.”

As a Chicago staple of the growing indie scene, and with such strong material on her first LP, it would be a shame to miss out on Fran’s performance at the Hideout this Saturday.

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