Boiler Room Returns to Chicago at the House of Vans

Photos and review by Kaylie Plauche

The world’s favorite underground party, known as Boiler Room, has returned to Chicago in the form of a partnership with The House of Vans. The last time the live event took place in Chicago was in tribute to Daft Punk. This time around, the lineup revolves around “Musicians Most Wanted,” featuring rap figurehead Kevin Gate, local artist Mick Jenkins, Singaporean DJ duo Yeti Out, and the winners of Vans “Musicians Most Wanted” competition. 

After a boisterous performance from the winning band, Yeti Out took to the extended catwalk from the stage where two CDJs sat. The duo dove straight into an eclectic mix of sounds, blending the best of Eastern and Western culture. Heavy influences of DNB, Jungle, and some Afro House rocked the house. The pop up ravers drew a noticeable line between those in the crowd waiting for the nights rap acts to perform and the Chicago house heads. 

Mick Jenkins’ performance erased the line drawn before. His tracks “Understood,” “Vibe,” and “Your Love” notably hit with the crowd. Everyone in attendance showed love for the man on stage screaming his motto “Drink more water!” throughout his set. Jenkins ended with an accapella verse bringing the energy to a soulful and fulfilling stop before Kevin Gates DJ hyped up the crowd. 

The rap mogul, Kevin Gates, appeared slowly out of the back, sporting fresh white Vans and a white checkerboard day shirt to match. Gates started his performance with some entrepreneurial points, inspired by his own rise to fame. As the climax of the night, the crowd got their wildest, spilling drinks, and getting down to the bars on popular hits like “Really, Really,” “Facts,” and “2 Phones”. 

If you did not make it on the guestlist, Boiler Room’s live web stream of the show can be watched for your pleasure here:

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