Electric Guest Brings Warmth to a Cold Monday Night

by Dasha Musil; photos by Gabriella Hernandez

The background music faded out at the Metro on a Monday Feb. 17 as Soleima walked on the stage. A statuesque woman with a timid voice, she introduced herself as the solo artist with her band and began singing. Solemina’s voice sounded of clouds and cotton candy, one so unfamiliar yet so relatable. She opened up the show with music unfair to categorize but can be described as alternative pop with synth vocals and R&B influences. The Danish newcomer opened the audience up to a new perspective on international alternative artists. As Soleima’s performance came to an end, the crowd eagerly awaited the appearance of headliners Electric Guest.

Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton are the brains behind Electric Guest; they create catchy beats with a combination of pop and R&B. The duo was able to live up to their name and give an electrifying performance, making a Monday night feel more like the freakin’ weekend.

Electric Guest started off with “Play With Me,” a melodic song off their 2019 album, KIN,  which then transitioned into tracks “The Bait” and “Get Out.” As Taccone moved to the music, the crowd went crazy and danced the night away. 

During the performance of “Dollar,” fake money was thrown into the crowd, causing the crowd to go wild and grasp it as a souvenir. Taccone recounted a story about how the band used real money in their past shows, but had to stop because no one realized it was real money and the audience had no idea what was going on.

Throughout the show, Taccone was very intimate with the crowd and managed to turn the venue into a safe space by encouraging fans to get groovy and get closer for the rest of the night. In the middle of the performance, Taccone armed himself with a t-shirt cannon and blasted clothing into the faces of the excited crowd. One song, “24/7,” slowed things down a bit and got even more intimate as Taccone passed out a handful of roses individually to the crowd, creating a one-on-one experience between fans and artist. 

As the set neared its end, Electric Guest saved the best for the last with their two biggest hits, “Oh Devil” and “Dear to Me.” The last songs brought the crowd closer and people wildly danced the set to a close.

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