A Statement from WLUW

The WLUW executive staff unequivocally affirm that Black Lives Matter. We condemn the racist murders of Black people in our country by the hands of both police and those who believed that another’s Blackness gave them the license to police their behavior and take their life. This includes the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, David McAtee, and so many more, all of whom we mourn. These murders were not isolated events but are many in a long history of racism-fueled violence that has plagued our country since its inception. We need swift and meaningful change, not small incremental steps.

WLUW would also like to recognize that we owe so much of our growth and success to the Black artists, students DJs, and staff members that have shaped our sound and identity over the years. We owe it to them as part of our musical community, school community, and the local community, to speak out against violence and racial injustice, as well as listen to and amplify Black voices. We are currently reaching out to organizations who are on the ground fighting for racial justice so that we can spread their missions and help them get the word out. We are also asking Black-led organizations and Black musicians who want to help spreading information or their art to reach out to us as well so that we can use our platform to boost those signals.

As an institution, that benefits greatly from a love for, and collaboration with black musicians, students, and DJs, we will continue to educate ourselves and improve ourselves as allies to the Black Community.

It is our shared responsibility to ensure that support for anti-racism continues to be an integral part of what we do on a daily basis here at WLUW. Our hearts and spirits are with and will continue to be with, the Black community in the call for racial justice.