Flower of Devotion: An Album About Accepting Solitude, WLUW Talks with DEHD

What’s that saying again? Nothing in this world can be certain, except death and taxes.

And no other band other than Chicago DIY trio Dehd accepts the certainty of the former more. Dehd’s power surfer-rock is just as melancholic as it is energetic. The band’s successful EPs and subsequent debut release Water, on FireTalk Records, exposed them to larger fanbases throughout their European and US tours; ultimately leading to their pushed-back slot at Pitchfork Festival in their hometown and the delayed release of the sophomore record, Flower of Devotion.

The new album does not diverge from their usual doo-wop hooks and reverb-soaked production style. Yet Flower of Devotion respectfully does not lose its imperfections and whole-heartedness, despite being recorded in a studio this time around. Tracks such as “Loner,” “Apart,” and “Disappear” tell stories of grappling with loss, the feeling of being alone, and separating yourself from those you love. These topics ring true to listeners globally, as the pandemic continues to unfold. And strangely enough, this album was written and recorded before the closure of schools, workplaces, and public settings.

WLUW Production Director and DJ Luis Mejia interviewed vocalist and instrumentalist Emily Kempf of Dehd to speak more about the album’s success and its underlying themes that seem to resonate with listeners even more.

Listen to the interview below, and stream Flower of Devotion wherever you get your music.

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