Killing the Quarantine Buzz with L.A. Witch’s “Play With Fire”

Reviewed by: Josie Stahler

Staring at the same walls for days on end as I complete Zoom calls and endless reading assignments has made me desperate to feel something, anything. L.A. Witch’s sophomore album, Play With Fire not only answered that call, but it helped me break through the haze that clouded my numbed brain. 

Guitarist and vocalist Sade Sanchez, bassist Irita Pai, and drummer Ellie English invoke a hard-hitting and sultry presentation of rock in Play With Fire, combining mystical harmonies with in-your-face instrumentation. The band stated via Twitter that Play With Fire is “a suggestion to make things happen. Don’t fear mistakes or the future. Take a chance. Even if it causes a little burn.” It’s the type of music to put on blast in your car as you drive down a highway late at night when you need inspiration. It’s a change from the hazy feel of their self-titled debut album, also from Suicide Squeeze Records. Nonetheless, L.A. Witch provides us a welcome transition in a time when the world wishes to feel bold. 

The record is packed with heart-pumping and feisty tracks. Right off the bat, “Fire Starter” sets the tone for the rest of the album, releasing feelings of frustration and asking “What do you believe in?” “Dark Horse” similarly stands out with its psychedelic tune and foreboding mood. The result is a blend of passionate anger and catharsis for listeners to experience. 

Despite being trapped in my house most of the day, I feel better knowing I have a soundtrack to motivate me. A voice telling me to lose the apathy and play with fire. I suggest you do the same by giving L.A. Witch a listen through the links below.   

Stream Play With Fire on Spotify:

Order Play With Fire here

6 thoughts on “Killing the Quarantine Buzz with L.A. Witch’s “Play With Fire”

  1. Well even for a man of a certain age the band takes me back to that classic 80’s punk sound… I can close my eyes and be transported back to a time where you sat in a crowded club and enjoyed live bands…

  2. They’re definitely an interesting group with a sound that takes me back to the 80’s. I close my eyes and imagine a time where you could visit a small lounge and hear live music close up…thanks for taking me back.

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