WLUW Recommends: Bandcamp Friday

By: Lauren Neher

In the age of sharing Spotify Wrapped screenshots on social media, the final Bandcamp Friday of 2020 arrives at the perfect time. You know the deal: today only, 100% of the revenue from purchases made on the site will go to the musicians. The platform also allows users to purchase albums and merchandise for friends and family, which is a thoughtful and timeless holiday gift idea for the season. Here are a few recommendations from WLUW to help fill up your cart:

The first artist featured for this week’s Bandcamp Friday is the enigma known as Kitty Summerhall. Although her most notable work includes a small role as Richard Hell’s wife in the 1982 film, ​Smithereens, t​he singer-songwriter has released a collection of singles on Bandcamp published between 2012 and 2015. The seven recordings available on Bandcamp include bluesy, cutsey songs that also embody elements of jazz, grunge, and punk. Summerhall’s songs include themes of substance abuse, romance, and the seedy underbelly of life.

Of all the songs featured on Summerhall’s Bandcamp page, the catchiest earworm is “Motorcycle Song”. Her Nico-esque vocals are complimented by the fast-paced ‘80s punk beat and bluesy guitar while featuring lyrics that include, “ain’t nobody that can tie me down” and “life is a free ride”. This song and others can be found here

DEMMMO​, the “remixed and remastered” demo from garage-punk quintet CHERRRY, is a 19-minute recording of pure noise that at times is slowed down by an unexpected saxophone solo before picking the pace right back up again. This self-proclaimed “NO GUITAR EVER 3 BASS SAX DRUM NOISE ATTACK” is based in Kent, Ohio and released ​DEMMMO ​in March of this year.

The first track off of ​DEMMMO, “​Stranglehold,” features distorted vocals and the low, ominous humming of the saxophone. This in combination with hard-pounding drums creates an unexpected fusion of jazz, art, and punk. Listen to ​DEMMMO ​here.

Three years after the release of their debut album, L.A. WITCH closes out the summer with their second record, ​Play With Fire. ​If you catch yourself missing the heat of the August sun, this punk-surf album will warm you right up. The sort of album you could drive down the highway blaring, ​Play With Fire ​creates a nostalgic, brash wave of sound coupled with vocalist/guitarist Sade Sanchez’s cool, low-fi voice.Play With Fire ​kicks off the album with the fittingly titled “Fire Starter.” Immediately, the impact is heard via the crashing percussion and strong riffs. Lyrics including, “I’ve got too much to do and not enough time,” clarify the track’s message: don’t hesitate to make things happen, to start a movement and take a chance. ​Play With Fire c​an be found here.

You can check out Bandcamp.com for more local musicians and genre-bending records.

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