Local Artists Are Our Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here at WLUW we have a lot of love for independent musicians everywhere, but there’s no one we love more than the local artists who help to make the Chicago music scene so special. Here are some of our favorite Chicago artists who we especially want to show some love this Valentine’s, and we hope their music warms your hearts as much as they warm ours:

  1. James Swanberg’s The One and Only from last year is perfectly tailored for all those in the honeymoon stage of relationships on Valentine’s Day. “Way About Her’ and “It’s No Wonder” offer sweet and romantic lyrics with added percussive textures that feel inviting to the soul. 

2. It is no surprise that Former National Youth Poet Laureate Kara Jackson is a prolific songwriter and musician. Her 2019 project “A Song for Every Chamber of the Heart” has a natural rhythm and flow across each love song. Jackson knits these separate haiku-based songs together to leave an evocative and passionate impression. You can support the EP here.

3. It is almost as if our love for singer-songwriter Mia Joy is written in the stars. Her dreamy vocals and production style have taken the interest of Fire Talk Records, who recently signed her and released the song “Haha” last month. We look forward to hearing more from her this year!

-Allison Lapinski

4. Art-pop duo Oux made the move from LA to Chicago a couple years ago, and we couldn’t be happier to have them here. After signing with Chillwavve Records they released their debut EP, Honeymood and 2020 single “Rise.” Their moody soundscapes will surely set the romantic vibe for your Valentine’s Day. You can watch their video for “Queer Like Me” from Honeymood here.

5. Deeper are definitely the indie sweethearts of the Windy City. Their latest album, Auto-Pain, brought a much needed breath of fresh air to 2020. While their percussion and vocals have an energetic, post-punk approach, they fuse elements of synth pop and dream pop, which can really be heard on tracks like “The Knife” and “Spray Paint.” Check out their Audiotree performance at Lincoln Hall here!

-Makenzie Creden

6. The sweet songs of Burr Oak serenades our airwaves at WLUW. Chicago singer-songwriter, Savanna Dickhut, takes on being a solo artist and released two singles in 2020. If you are single this Valentine’s day, then Burr Oak has got you covered. The honest stories in her songwriting can be relatable to listeners struggling to get back on their feet after a bad romance. Her melancholy vibes brings solace and comfort to those alone one this often lonely holiday. The debut video of their single “Trying” is available to watch here

-Jess Dominguez

7. Hollyy, a local Chicago band, creates soulful rock-style music perfectly fitting for an intimate Valentine’s night. Their single from 2020, Nobody Loves Me (Like You Do), provides an easy, heartfelt rhythm and melody that would make any couple swoon. The intensely emotional lyrics of this love song encapture the reasons why we love this band so much! 
Check out their Audiotree performance from February 10th, 2021 here. And look out for new music from them this week!

-Kylie Richards

8. Serena Isioma is the artist you’re going to be adding to all your playlists this year. You might know their song “Sensitive” already, which went viral on TikTok – with more than 61 million uses in different videos on the app – but Isioma’s new December 2020 EP The Leo Sun Sets is worth listening to all the way through on repeat. Influenced by multiple genres to create an ethereal alt-R&B world within the EP’s 20-minute span, they’re someone worth keeping an ear out for in the present and future

-Morgan Ciocca

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