Raveena Shares “Tweety” Music Video

R&B songstress Raveena splashed on the scene in 2018 with a string of singles. Her song “Temptation” gave us some serious Lauryn Hill realness, and she eventually went on to release the Moonstone EP in  2020. 

Her latest single, “Tweety,” is a sweet and melodic love song, shining a light on her everlasting vocals and songwriting chops. The production on the track sets up a dancey beat, with notes of soul through elements of airy strings. In the second verse, Raveena increases her tempo, half-rapping the lyrics: “like a Telfar drop / don’t wanna see it then its gone.” The singer somehow references modern fashion trends into her 90s-centric song. It is impossible not to fall in love with the rising star. 

Raveena recently shared a music video, which is very 90s inspired through the fashion and trippy visuals.  Director Chris Cadaver surrounds Raveena with shapes and designs that play with the absurdity and amusement of her inner personality and the whimsical nature of the Tweety bird-inspired song. 

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