Our Picks for Bandcamp Friday!

It is Bandcamp Friday, and you (better) know what that means— all proceeds of today’s sales on the platform will go to the musicians. Considering that we are now approaching a year of living under the pandemic, if you can spare the extra cash, now would be the perfect time to show the bands you love how much you support them. 

Check out just a few of the handpicked records from the Music Department below: 

Monochrome Lover’s debut album would be the perfect addition to your Bandcamp collection. The Houston-based darkwave trio released the self-titled album at the beginning of the year, and we’ve been jamming to it ever since. It’s perfect for all your goth dance needs. Check it out here.

Homemade Bangs is the cutest lil duo! The Austin, TX and Richmond, VA based duo created their album Doing Things Wrong over the internet and wrote a lot of songs about bugs in the process. Their feel-good bedroom pop jams will surely make you swoon. Check out their Bandcamp here

-Makenzie Creden

Beauty School is the band of our teenage dream! The Chicago band mixes pop melodies with beach guitar rock that will leave you grooving even during the harsh winter. You can check out their latest album Pushover on Bandcamp here.

The all-girl garage rock band from Brooklyn, Desert Sharks, are the epitome of cool. The witchy 4-piece group makes some apocalyptic tunes reminiscent of the 90s riot grrrl scene. You can find more of their gloomy tunes here!     

Jess Dominguez                     

Chicago-based garage rock band The Sueves are turning up the heat  with their third LP, Tears of Joy. Songs like “Mop Bucket” and “Deflect the World” contain a classic, head-banging type sound that is further enhanced by the production styles on the guitars and drums on this album, which has undergone a subtle but noticeable elevation compared to their last project. Check out the album here and find the limited edition screen-printed vinyl at http://www.magicatalog.com. 

Mute Swan is a psychedelic band that fuses shoegaze, dreampop, and electronic into their hypnotic melodies. Their recent album Only Ever truly showcases the talent of the trio, who have been rocking together in Arizona since 2013. Long live Mute Swan!

Allison Lapinski

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