Exit Zine and Tape Compilation Drops to Bandcamp

By Allison Lapinski

Exit Zine is a tape compilation and zine that brought together musicians from Chicago and the West Coast on the recent debut release. DePaul student and music journalist Avery Luke is the curator of the compilation. Her inspiration for this project was the 90s-era label Sarah Records, “because they did an interesting format where they released a hundred compilation records from small indie bands in the UK.” Luke commented, “they did a lot of themes along with it. So I was just really inspired by them from both a formatting perspective and aesthetically as well.” 

The 16-track tape alternates between Chicago and West Coast bands, each contributing a different sound and feeling to the collaborative project. Luke expanded that her decision-making process in reaching out to bands was very organic and rooted in her motivation to “really branch out and get bands from all over and different types of music. So obviously it skews more indie rock, but I was happy to get one of the artists who does disco music.” From Cafe Racer, to Girl K, to Lunar Vacation and more, there is so much to love about this comp! 

The accompanying zine will also feature work from the artists on the compilation, visual art, and even a page on college radio. Luke plans to continue Exit Zine as a biannual series, focusing on musicians and community-based artists. 

You can follow Exit Zine on Instagram to learn more about the bands featured, and grab a physical or digital copy here while supplies last.  

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