Burr Oak Debuts New Album At Schubas

By: Kyle Smith

Ever since being able to hold shows again, Schubas Tavern has been hitting the ground running. This continued with a COVID-conscious evening on August 7th. Due to recent trends in coronavirus statistics, venues in Chicago have been placing mask mandates and vaccination statuses at the forefront. This made for a relaxing, laid-back, and safe evening of great music.

It all started out with Morinda, who blew us away with great vocals and a couple of guitar solos along the way. The night quickly moved along with Max Subar; an indie-folk artist based in Chicago whose quaint presence on stage is paired with relaxing original tunes. Subar’s songs are heartfelt, warm, and inviting – this was mirrored by the crowd with heads slowly bobbing back and forth taking in the music.

Photo by: Joerg Metzner @joergmetzner

Then, around 10 pm, Burr Oak took the stage led by a sunglasses-wearing Savannah Dickhut. Just a couple of short weeks before, the band’s debut full-length record Late Bloomer was released. This was apparent as the band seemed exuberant to share these songs with the crowd. The performance started with “Pulp Goddess”; a fast-paced song characterized by strong thumping guitar chords. From the first words of “you and I would look so good together”, it is easy to tell that Dickhut’s songs are clearly personal, making every live rendition as vulnerable as it was intimate. Later, Dickhut sang about the end of a serious relationship in “Southsider”. Although Dickhut’s songwriting comes from extremely personal experiences, everyone in the room could feel her pain of trying to “devise a plan” to tie up loose ends when it feels like the other side wants no part in it. Dickhut’s ability to do this showcases her exceptional songwriting talent. 

The night ended with an upbeat performance of “The Crowd” along with a thankful note from Dickhut and her on-stage counterparts. Burr Oak is slated to play an Audiotree Live on Friday, August 20th. After that, it seems the sky’s the limit.

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