Girlpuppy chats about Riot Fest, Taylor Swift, and her new EP

Interview conducted by: Nyah Brizard

Photography by: Emily Schwarz

Girlpuppy, 22-year-old Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, Becca Harvey,  just released her debut EP “Swan” last month. The EP is full of the soft airy sound she showcased in her earlier released song “For You”. With deep cutting lyricism about the plights of love in your 20’s and just a touch of adolescent angst, Swan beautifully paints a picture we can all relate to. 

Becca was kind enough to find time before Riot Fest to sit down and tell us more about herself and her EP

I think I’d like to start with your unique name, what’s the origin story of the name Girlpuppy?

There’s not even really a story, I changed my Instagram handle to Girlpuppy in 2017 because I like how it sounded. And I’m a girl and I love puppies, I think I kinda have the aura of a puppy too if you met me.

I know your big Swiftie, I’m very curious if there is a song of yours that you would be a dream duet to sing with Taylor? 

Oh yeah, huge. Damn, I don’t know, I think she would be really cool on Cheerleader. 

I could absolutely see that, especially with Taylor’s new vibe.

Yeah It’s giving very “Folklore”

In some of your previous interviews, you talk about how the lyrics kind of just came out of you for Swan. Surprise Me is definitely my favorite song in terms of lyrics, it really just hits home in a “truth hurts” kind of way. What lyric in your new ep are you most proud of and why?

That means so much to me cause I wrote “Surprise Me” entirely by myself, on the floor of my bedroom after crying all day. I think the entire second pre-chorus of “As Much As I Can” –

“two months, same sun

different childhoods

fake news, qanon

you’re all brainwashed

c-section baby’s all f*cked up”

I’m very very proud of that one, when I wrote it I was like… Okay, I can write sometimes! I was like, did I write that?! That’s crazy! 

Is there a genre of music that you are interested in experimenting with in the future and are there any big inspirations to you in that genre?

Oh yeah definitely. I’m extremely inspired by Caroline Polachek, she’s one of my favorite artists in the world. I would LOVE to make music like that, I always think “ugh I just wish I could make a Caroline Polachek or a Charlie XCX type of song”. I want to start experimenting, even if I don’t ever release it, just to try to see if I like it. I’ve been talking to my boyfriend, asking “ how do I make my voice sound like this? What decoder do I have to put on there to sound like that?!”

That sounds awesome. I’d love to hear that! I am so excited to actually go and see shows again. I know you’re playing Riot Fest tomorrow and would love to know what your relationship to live music has been like!

I have always loved live music, growing up I didn’t go to a lot of shows usually because the bands I wanted to see were One Direction and it was WAY too expensive. I always wondered where they think these kids were going to get the money to pay for those shows because they were so ridiculously expensive. Taylor Swift tickets too, I always wanted to see her when I was younger and it was like a pipe dream. When I turned 16 or 17 I started to go to more of like the Indie shows that I could afford. I’ve always loved live music, anytime an artist I slightly like is in Atlanta I go. It’s the best experience ever to see anyone live. I actually just saw Lucy Dacus last night and that was so surreal. I’ve seen her twice before that but I’d never had seen her in an indoor venue and it was so insane.

It’s so different in small indoor venues, it’s a very intimate experience 

It’s so Intimate

Is there anyone you are excited to see at Riot Fest?

Oh my god yeah, like so many people. That’s why I’m so honored that I was asked to play it. I was like *Gasp* what the f*ck?! I’m playing a festival with these people! Definitely Pinegrove, Alex G. It’s going to be like my 10th time seeing Alex G- I’m the BIGGEST Alex G fan. Kississipi, Best Coast, Devo, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pati Smith. There are so many I could go on and on.

Thank you so much for answering my burning questions. [Laughing] Okay so Sean Evans “Hot Ones” style, is there anything you want to promote or plug to the readers?

Oh I love that. I’ll be in Illinois again, I’m playing in Urbana on October 16th. I’ll be on tour with The Districts starting October 13th, I’m playing a headline show in NYC on November 8th and stream “Swan” please!

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