Deeper Rocks the Bottle

Article by: Kyle Smith

Back on October 9th, it seemed like the day could not get any better after a fun day of music, food, and lots of dunk tanking at Thee Best Western – Empty Bottle’s ode to Western Ave in block party form. Deeper chose to cap off this whole day with a performance to remember.

As noted by the band during their show, it had been a while since Deeper played a show in their stomping grounds of Chicago. This was apparent in the sold-out city staple bar. The show started with a land acknowledgment to pay respects to the indigenous peoples of the Chicagoland area, alongside a booming instrumental to get the crowd up to speed on the sounds we’d hear for the rest of the night.

Under dim red stage lighting, the band brought all the energy they had left in the tank at the end of their fall tour with OHMME. Favorites of mine for the night had to be songs like Spray Paint and Esoteric. The rawness of frontman Nic Gohl’s voice paired with the group’s catchy riffs made these two tracks unforgettable, along with the night. 

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