All the Lovers Rock at Metro: TV Girl and Jordana

Article by: Josie Stahler

Featured photo taken from: Do312

They say the music you listen to in your formative years never leaves you. For me, the dreamy love-stricken sounds of TV Girl play as the soundtrack to most of my Summer memories. When I heard they were playing at Metro I knew I had to be there. The night of the show friends and I excitedly nudged our way into a tight section of the balcony and waited in eager anticipation. 

Opening for TV Girl was the lovely Jordana, performing a special acoustic set for the crowd. Watching her stand on stage armed with nothing but a guitar felt intimate, and was the perfect pre-show to get the crowd in the mood. As soon as she finished up she told us this wasn’t goodbye, and she’d be back up to perform with the band, leaving the crowd cheering in excitement. 

The buzz of the crowd as the crew prepped the stage was a performance in itself. Teenagers in beanies and Docs packed themselves in like sardines on the floor just for the chance to get a view of the band. When TV Girl and Jordana finally walked on, the crowd was completely ecstatic. 

The band got right into their opening track, “Pantyhose” a vivid and dreamy song that feels as if it’s been taken right out of a movie. The tour itself is a tribute to the release of TV Girl’s debut album, French Exit, which debuted six and a half years ago, so it only makes sense for them to celebrate by playing the album in order and in its entirety. In between songs, lead singer Brad Petering would give context or commentary, guiding the audience through love triangles, lust, and deep thoughts. 

The entirety of French Exit is a piece of art in itself, blending nostalgic sounds and looped samples to create a hypnotic atmosphere. Standout songs from the set included, “The Blonde” a gentle and almost comical track about making it with blonde-haired girls, the airy, “Daughter of a Cop”, and the iconic, “Lovers Rock” which left every couple in the room feeling the effects of romance and every single person feeling lonely. 

As the band completed the closing track to the album, they gave their thanks and walked off stage. The crowd was in shambles, screaming for an encore. Members Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon, along with Jordana happily walked back onstage, pretending to have fooled us. They, of course, could not leave the stage without playing their recently viral song, “Not Allowed” which made its way into audience members’ minds via TikTok. Brad claimed the youth of America would, “tear him limb from limb” if he left the stage without playing it. I can’t say it’s what would have happened, but you never know how fierce teenagers can be when they don’t get their way. This energy was present as the crowd screamed the lyrics back at the band, feeling every word at their core. It was beautiful to see a room full of strangers bond over a single song. The show was a dreamy bonding experience with like-minded music lovers and will be a night I’ll never forget.

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