Sizzy Rocket Blows the Roof off Schubas Tavern

Article and Photos by: Sara Barnes

Sizzy Rocket is absolutely adored by her fans. She’s got the look, sound, and attitude of unfiltered punk with a heart of pure gold. It’s no surprise that the energy inside Schubas Tavern last night was high as people in the crowd bonded over their love for Sizzy and waited, buzzing with anticipation, to hear their favorite songs and connect with one of the most open-hearted, genuine, and fun artists I’m sure they’ve ever known. People drove and flew from all over to be able to witness one of the limited dates of Sizzy’s “Too Young To Die” tour; a couple I met in the crowd last night flew in from Cincinnati just to see her.

Sizzy’s opener, Troi Irons, immediately drew the crowd in. His music is cathartic and so perfectly melodious that I was angry at myself for not listening sooner. I fell head over heels in love with Troi’s songs “She Loves Me Not” and “Thorns,” and hearing “Dirty Tampon” live felt like a religious experience. When Sizzy brought Troi back out during her set to premiere their new collaboration “catching bullets in my teeth,” the crowd welcomed him back with open arms. They were electric! 

After Troi’s opening set, the crowd couldn’t wait to keep the party going, chanting Sizzy’s name until the moment finally came; she walked in from the stage door in a huge veil and a vandalized wedding dress, and everybody lost their minds. Sizzy was glowing as her fans screamed back at her the lyrics of her opening song “That Bitch.” From there, it was full steam ahead. 

Schubas Tavern has an undeniable charm, much like Sizzy herself, and the intimacy of the venue was a perfect match for her as she reached out to hold her fans’ hands, joked around with them, sang directly to each and every one of them, and made sure everyone was having the time of their lives. She actually performed three unreleased songs, including one entitled “Wendy’s Parking Lot” which the crowd went crazy for, and she personally changed my life when she sang the emotional fan-favorite “Grrrl,” one I urge everyone with a soul to listen to. Her performance of “Running With Scissors” caused a noticeable energy spike in the room.

I’ve never been to a show so interactive, so intimate, and so full of both punk-rock rage and angst and genuine love at the same time. Last night, Sizzy proved herself to be just as unique a performer as she is an artist. She was also incredibly kind, constantly thanking her fans, her drummer/co-writer, and Troi. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Sizzy earlier at Rattleback Records, where she was attentive and sweet, signing records and taking pictures with everyone. She ended up signing my boobs, which was a highlight not only of my day but of my entire life. I secured a spot at the show in the very front with some other people who went to the Rattleback Records meet-and-greet, and she made it clear she recognized us. And that’s why Sizzy’s fans love her so much: she’s sincere. Even if her music isn’t for you, her vibrant personality and punk-rock spirit is sure to give you a great time. I’ll never forget the explosive energy of the “Too Young To Die” tour.

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