Remi Wolf Brings the Heat to the Metro

Article and photos by: Josie Stahler

Amidst the falling February snow, Remi Wolf brought the heat at Metro. Before audience members got through the doors there was a buzzing energy. Teens dressed in Remi’s distinct style of bright colors and bucket hats filled into the room quickly, hoping to get a good spot to watch Remi perform. While the stage was empty, traces of houseplants and a multicolored glow in the dark couch lined the stage, only creating more excitement in how they’d be incorporated into the set.

Grace Ives opened for Wolf, complementing her perfectly with trance-like beats and a warm but powerful voice. Her tunes ranged from slow and somber to fast-paced and dance-worthy. She appeared on stage by herself, surrounded by nothing but her mic and instruments. Her song, “Mirror” stuck out with its balance of smooth singing and striking instrumentals. What everyone appreciated most was her interactions with the crowd, taking time to speak in between songs and reach out to those in front. 

After Ives completed her set, the stage transformed as projections of Remi herself flashed on the back wall. It was as if we were watching a caricature of the Remi Wolf we know, watching her dance through crayon-crafted kid drawings and jumping into pools of psychedelic waves. The audience went wild. Seconds later Remi appeared on stage immediately ready to dance.  

Remi started off with her exciting song, “Liquor Store” which caused the crowd to immediately start dancing. Her idiosyncratic tunes take twists that are unlike anything I’ve heard before, creating music that is unique yet catchy enough to get stuck in your head for days. There’s a rhythmic funk to each song, connected with her humorous or energy-fueled lyrics. Her range proved strong as she covered Janis Joplin and brought down the house with her emotional tune, “Liz.” What sticks out most is the pitching up of her voice in certain songs such as “Monte Carlo”, adding a childishly fun element to her music. The song that everyone brought the most energy to was, “Quiet on Set” which is charmingly unconventional and begs to be screamed at the top of your lungs. 

Along with Remi’s music, her strange presence added a whole new layer of fun. She jumped along with the crowd, crawled through the legs of her band members, and threw water at the audience as if it was a type of church procession. Her energy made the audience want to scream with her, and scream they did. It was one of the most exciting Friday nights I’ve had during this snowy winter semester.

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