Attention! WLUW is Hiring

Hi everybody!

We are looking for current students to fill several positions at WLUW, including Promotions Director, Podcast Director, and Production Director!! These student management positions are part of our wonderful Exec Staff responsible for keeping the station running (along with our DJs!) and will come to be paid positions this summer. Working for WLUW is a great opportunity to learn more about radio operations, make connections, and gain valuable experience. It’s also a lot of fun!! Since these are student worker positions, all applicants must be currently enrolled as a Loyola student. 

Ideally, a candidate has….

  • A passion for radio and all music!
  • Familiarity with WLUW and our current programming
  • GREAT verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience running an email account and confidence in communication via email
  • Outgoing personality, charisma, and confidence to network in the music scene
  • An open mind and eager attitude
  • Isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to make the station the best that it can be!

Skills that are not required but highly appreciated & will be fostered throughout the training/shadowing period:

  • Copywriting for promotional materials/ social media/ advertising
  • Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • An ambitious attitude
  • Creative/ analytical thinking in terms of logistics/insights/current trends in the local music scene

Interested candidates should look forward to starting the interview and shadowing process ASAP. The responsibilities for each available position are listed below. 

Promotions Director:

  • Keeping up with email exchanges between local venues and other parties seeking WLUW promotional work
  • Running the station’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Coordinating and running giveaways for concerts, vinyl, etc.
  • Communicating to fellow Exec Staff members on necessary things, such as Production Staff for on-air promos for upcoming events, Music Director for interviews and livestreams, and Studio Department for live sessions 
  • Organizing and booking all of our WLUW events (on and off campus!)
  • Reaching out to DJs through the WLUW DJ group and the WLUW promo team group to run on-air giveaways
  • Requesting press coverage during festival season (Pitchfork, Riot Fest, Pygmalion, etc.)
  • Having occasional meetings with on-campus organizations to collaborate for events
  • Managing the WLUW Promo Team group and coordinating show coverage 
  • Attending events and shows repping WLUW, as well as creating show coverage
  • Creating proposals for show or event presenting, when requested to send to venues
  • Tabling at both on and off campus events 
  • Brainstorming ideas for events and promotional tactics to boost listenership and donations
  • Designing promotional items, logos, graphics and posters (and printing from the Loyola print sho

If you’re interested, please email Emily ( and Eleni ( a summary of why you’re applying for this position at WLUW and a copy of your resume!

Podcast Director:

  • Produce and edit audio and video content for WLUW podcasts
  • Upload audio content for airplay on WLUW
  • Provide training to students hosting repeat podcasts
  • Promote the podcast studio on Loyola’s campus and in the community
  • Help maintain podcast studio equipment
  • Work alongside the WLUW Production Director as needed with various tasks including producing audio content, seeking new underwriting opportunities, and maintaining current clients
  • Experience with Adobe Audition or Audacity is strongly preferred

If you really dig podcasts and have some audio editing experience, please send your resume to Gwen ( and Eleni (

Production Director:

  • Produce and edit audio content for WLUW, including PSAs, promos, station IDs, and underwriting announcements
  • Upload audio content for airplay on WLUW 
  • Submit audio award entries for various organizations like CBI, IBA, and IBS
  • Help maintain studio equipment and train students on using the equipment 
  • Assist WLUW staff with setting up sound equipment and mixing of live sound for small events
  • Seek new underwriting opportunities and maintain current clients
  • Work alongside the WLUW Podcast Director and the WLUW Promotions Director as needed with various tasks 
  •  Experience with Adobe Audition and Audacity is strongly preferred

Please send your resume to Mat ( and Eleni (

All applications must be turned in by April 1st.

We look forward to hearing from you!

– WLUW Exec Staff

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