5 Bands to See at Lollapalooza 2022

For the first time in WLUW history, we’re covering Lollapalooza! With an expansive lineup spanning just about every genre in the book, it can be hard to narrow down who you might want to see. From classic metal to indie rock to hip hop, there are a lot of options to take in. We’ve picked out a few of our most anticipated acts this year.

Here are five bands WLUW is excited to see at Lollapalooza this year! You can’t miss ’em!


Turnstile are veterans of the hardcore scene, with renowned albums dating back to 2013. Their shows are known to be energetic, rowdy, and pedal-to-the-metal. However, with their most recent release, GLOW ON, Turnstile is expanding out of hardcore and into limitless genre fusion. Their angst remains, but there are moments of dance, tenderness, and dreaming- a new range of sounds and emotions for the group’s music. Take for instance “UNDERWATER BOI,” a groovy dream-pop song featuring Yates’s smooth vocals that melds into a tense release of heavy, distorted guitar riffs. Between GLOW ON and announcing a tour with Snail Mail and JPEGMAFIA in the fall, Turnstile has proven itself to be a band without boundaries, and we’re more than excited to see how that translates in the Lollapalooza crowd and aftershow.

Turnstile will be performing on Saturday, July 30 on the Discord stage!

-Makenzie Creden

Beach Bunny

Hot off the release of their latest album, Emotional Creature, Beach Bunny is a Chicago act you won’t want to miss. Charged with songs of love, heartbreak, and growth, Beach Bunny plays unforgettable music reminiscent of the soundtrack of one of those great teen movies you watched on repeat growing up. They unapologetically invoke a spirit of youth and nostalgia, making you feel everything all over again. I’ve had the pleasure of catching them all over Chicago, but it will be an entirely new experience seeing them take the stage at one of Chicago’s biggest music festivals. 

Beach Bunny is set to perform Sunday, July 31 on the Coinbase stage, so don’t miss out! 

-Josie Stahler

Wet Leg

Since their debut album was released earlier this year, Wet Leg has taken the world by storm. The duo, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, are the femme rock band that the world needs right now. Their self-titled LP blew up upon release, filled with insanely catchy hooks and a sound reminiscent of punky late oughts indie rock. The album’s lyrics teeter between angst and playful: their dry, cynical sense of humor intertwined throughout takes a jab at expectations of women in music and beyond. They’re a band that is seriously good, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously, as Teasdale and Chambers certainly don’t (and would probably laugh at you if you do). Wet Leg is here for a fun time, to enjoy themselves, and let loose, which is why we’re excited to dance with them at Lollapalooza and their aftershow this year. 

Wet Leg will be playing on Friday, July 29 on the Discord stage!

-Makenzie Creden

The Regrettes

Hailing from sunny LA, The Regrettes are a delectable treat of bright tunes and thoughtful lyrics. They recently released their album, Further Joy, which creatively integrates deep lyricism with dance-worthy beats to share the message of seeking happiness without needing to constantly chase it. I’ve been jamming to The Regrettes since I was a wee California teen, and it will be exciting to come full circle seeing them in my college city. 

The Regrettes will perform on Friday, July 29 on the Tito’s stage, so don’t miss them!

-Josie Stahler


You won’t to miss these locals at Lollapalooza this year! Horsegirl, made up of Nora Cheng (guitar, vocals), Penelope Lowenstein (guitar, vocals), and Gigi Reece (drums), have finally put out their debut full-length album earlier this summer after a series of incredibly catchy noise rock singles over the past year. Versions of Modern Performance, reminiscent of a shoegaze-y Sonic Youth, takes listeners on a journey through fuzzy walls of sound and calm indie vocals. Also, we should mention, they just graduated highschool! Needless to say, the future is bright for Horsegirl…

Horsegirl will be playing on Sunday, July 31 on the Tito’s stage!

-Makenzie Creden

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