Exploring Endless Rooms with Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Interview conducted by: Josie Stahler

Audio/video by: Erik Anderson

Cover photo by: Pooneh Ghana

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever made the trip all the way from Australia to play Lollapalooza in the midst of their North American tour, and it was a set to remember.

The Melbourne-based band released their newest record, Endless Rooms, earlier this year. Written completely in ‘The Basin,’ a getaway cabin in the midst of the bush, the album provides diversity in sound, narratives, and mood. Endless Rooms is a perfect summer soundtrack: it has a jangly, indie rock sound reminiscent of 80’s twee-pop and rock with an easy-going vibe on the surface level. However, listen a little closer and you may hear influences of post-punk and nuanced lyrics about climate change.

After their set at Lollapalooza, our Program Director, Josie Stahler, had the opportunity to sit and chat with Fran Keaney and Joe White from Rolling Blackouts C.F. about the Melbourne music community, signing to Sub Pop, and how Endless Rooms came to be.

Check out the full interview below:

Check out Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever on Instagram and listen to Endless Rooms below!

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