WLUW Takes On SXSW 2023

March 13th through the 19th, WLUW is set to take on SXSW for the first time ever! The festival showcases well-known artists like The Zombies, New Order, and The Lemon Twigs, but their focus lies on the massive lineup of independent artists–a lot of which frequent the WLUW airwaves. We’ve been preparing for the festival and the lineup by listening to a generously curated Lineup Playlist created by SXSW. We went ahead and made our own playlist of SXSW artists that WLUW digs. Make sure to check that out!

Check out Some of Our Staffs Favorite SXSW Artists Below:

Sports Team

Sports Team have recently returned from their brief hiatus to perform at SXSW. Coming from London, England, this crew delivers wild melodies and energy like you’ve never seen before. It’s clear that members Alex Rice, Oli Dewdney, Al Greenwood, Rob Knaggs, Ben Mack and Henry Young are friends first. Because of this, it’s not only a priority to play their raucous tunes, but to also have fun. Last September, They released their second album Gulp!, a feat of creativity that spans from moody tracks like “Cool It Kid” to the chaotic “Dig!” which features a children’s choir. Their shows will get everyone in the pit, so don’t miss out!

Indigo De Souza

Indigo De Souza, a singer-songwriter from Asheville, North Carolina, expresses every ounce of human emotion across the spectrum in her music. She’ll be taking on SXSW alongside Owen Stone (bassist), Ethan Baechtold (guitarist), and Jake Lenderman (drummer). From her album, I Love My Mom—released in 2019—to her most recent single, “Younger and Dumber,” Indigo’s music offers an intimately emotional glimpse into the singer’s life. Our excitement couldn’t be higher for her upcoming album, All of This Will End. 


The new-classical sextet based in Amsterdam, Fuse is hitting the SXSW stage with written and improvised music alike. Mascha Van Nieuwkerk on cello, Emma Van der Schalie and Julia Philippens on violin, and Adriaan Breunis on viola make up the ensemble’s string quartet. Tobias Nijboer on double bass and Daniel Van Dalen on drums round out the group. Fuse has released 3 albums to date, covering a wide variety of famous compositions. They look to release their fourth album, Mikrokosmos later this year. With over 1200 shows under their belt in 10 years, these veterans of the stage are a must-see at the festival!


ALASKALASKA, a South London explorative indie/alternative group that isn’t limited by categorization. The six piece group consists of Lucinda Duarte-holman (vocals, guitar), Fraser Rieley (bass), Calum Duncan (guitar), Gethin Jones (drums), Fraser Smyth (saxophone), and Joe Webb (synths, keys). Their music highlights percussion and saxophone features alongside catchy rhythmic pop melodies. The groups newest album, Still Life, continues the trend of groovy, funky, pop melodies that you won’t be able to get out of your head. 

Thee Sacred Souls

Thee Sacred Souls made waves last year with the release of their debut self titled record. Their music is a classic blend of 60’s and 70’s soul and R&B. Bandmates Alex Garcia (drums), Sal Samano (bass), and Josh Lane (vocals) seem to have put it all together on the first try, as the trio gained massive success with their first singles as well as their first studio album. Undoubtably, their nostalgic vibe feels familiar, while also bringing a modern twist to the genre that makes their sound transcend time.


Mynolia, a singer-songwriter currently based in Berlin, Germany, released her first album, All Things Heavy, in December of 2022. An intimate and honest album, it quickly made its way through the folk scene. With songs like “Goldrush” and “Train of Thought,” Mynolia captivates her audience by evoking a soft cynicism through hard-hitting lyrics elevated by delicate melodies. Mynolia is making a name for herself in the indie/folk scene. Our ears are glued to the airwaves awaiting her next release!


A band that has changed its lineup and name countless times in their 20 year run, this San Francisco rock band refuses to be pinned down. Osees explores the vast array of rock subgenres, including but not limited to garage, psychedelic, post-punk, noise, and art rock. Currently, the band sports a five-piece lineup, including founding member and multi-instrumentalist John Dwyer. He is accompanied by Tim Hellman on bass, Dan Rincon and Paul Quattrone on drums, and Tomas Dolas on keys. Through the years and all the different iterations of Osees, they have always remained on the cutting edge, so their performance at SXSW this year is not one to miss!

Other WLUW faves to check out!

  • Bnny (Chicago Artist!)
  • Disq
  • Far Caspian
  • Free Range (Chicago Artist!)
  • Kiwi Jr.
  • Blondshell
  • Bloomsday
  • Orions Belte
  • Pearla
  • Somebody’s Child
  • Kolezanka (Chicago Artist!)
  • Half Gringa (Chicago Artist!)
  • Gay Meat
  • Ratboys (Chicago Artist!)
  • Mariel Buckely
  • Softee

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