David Howley at Old Town School of Folk Music

Photo by Ajeet Music

Written by Aly Westrin

Folk, singer-songwriter, David Howley, treated Chicago’s, Old Town School of Folk Music to a night of intimate and meaningful lyricism last Sunday. Firstly, Old Town School of Folk Music is an incredibly cool establishment that I recommend everyone check out. Founded in 1957, it is a place that teaches and celebrates music and cultural expression.

Secondly, David Howley is an incredibly talented, passionate, and kind artist that I recommend everyone check out. He actually just came out with his first ever solo album, For Venus. An album that, other than Howley, is entirely produced by women. We love that. This album blends traditional Irish folk with elements of indie. His live show features guitar, bass, percussion, and the bouzouki—all played by Howley at the same time. Definitely a treat to see that live.  

Performing songs like “Beneath,” and “smoke is rising,” Howley frequently asked the audience to join in on the chorus with him. He was so successful at creating an interactive environment with the crowd, it felt wrong to not sing along with him!

After founding and touring with We Banjo 3 —a band from Galway, Ireland, that creates a blend of traditional Irish, Old time, and blue grass music—for almost ten years, Howley began experimenting with solo work amidst covid. Howley explained that his solo work has sparked a passion within him that he didn’t know he had until now. Don’t worry, he didn’t stray too far from his Banjo 3 roots. Lots of audience members actually knew Howley from Banjo 3 and were at the show to support him.

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