Blondshell Sells Out Schubas Tavern

Photo by Dominique Falcone via Billboard

Written by Aly Westrin

Blondshell sold out Schubas Tavern during their first headlining tour. The venue was the fourth stop on their tour, but they shared it quickly became their favorite venue. The small venue with quirky decor makes you feel at home. The friendly staff makes you feel even more at home—what’s not to love. 

If you were in Chicago last Wednesday, you know the weather was far from ideal. The day started with severe storms that turned into tornado warnings and then tornado watches. But the sun was shining by 7:45—just in time for the 8pm set time of the opener, Hello Mary. They performed a lot of songs off their most recent, self-titled album, which is currently on WLUWs rotation, As well as some songs from their 2020 album, Ginger.  

After a long day of not knowing what to do during a tornado watch while living on the top floor of my apartment building, seeing Hello Mary was the perfect change of pace. The trio, Helena Straight, Mikaela Oppenheimer, and Stella Wave, created an energy that was just right leading into Blondshell’s set. The venue was full and the vibes were good.

Blondshell, also known as Sabrina Teitelbaum, announced her debut self-titled album in early 2023. The album was released this past April. The artist dedicated these songs to a time in her life of trying to figure out who she is and what she wants—her 20s. Her music is reminiscent of classic artists like Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. But she has a 21st century twist—making for a unique style. With songs like Sober Together and Tarmac, there’s a sense of melancholy, vulnerability, and all-around candidness in her music that anyone can relate to on some level.  

On stage, Teitelbaum is accompanied by bandmates Anne Crane on drums, Charlie Ellis and Jeff Frantom both on bass. I first saw Blondshell in March at the Mohawk venue in Austin, Texas for SXSW. I was truly in awe by this performance and the dreamy voice of Teitelbaum. Since then, I had been patiently waiting for the release of her album and it’s been on repeat ever since its release. Her music is real and it’s authentic to the human experience in an incredibly candid way. Her stage presence is also authentic—it never seems too performative.  

After the show, I bought myself a vinyl and waited around Schubas for a bit to see if Teitelbaum and the band would sign my vinyl. I was able to chat with Teitelbaum for a few minutes and she’s such a kind soul. And she did sign my vinyl! I also went up to Charlie Ellis and Jeff Frantom after this. They were also very sweet and signed my vinyl. The only one I missed was Crane, but hopefully they’ll be back in Chicago soon!

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