Harmonizing the Decades: Generationals Live In Concert

Article and Photo by Roshni Thamatur

Generationals is an American indie pop duo formed in New Orleans, Louisiana. The duo, consisting of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, released their newest album Heatherhead, and have been on tour since September 7th of this year. Generationals’ sound is wide-ranging and diverse, incorporating elements of britpop, dance and electronic music.

Generationals, accompanied by Mmeadows, gave us a timeless experience at Thalia Hall this past Thursday, 10/5. Thalia Hall’s architectural details had me amazed, it was such a beautiful venue that I found complimented the music very well. Mmeadows brought a unique stage presence with the incorporation of various instruments like the trumpet and electric keyboard. My favorite song performed by them was Light Moves Around You.

After a dramatic curtain pull, The Generationals were on! They started by taking us back in time with the classics, opening with Hard Times for Heatherhead. But it wasn’t until their third song, TenTwentyTen that the crowd stopped looking like strangers. This song has been a favorite of mine after finding it in 2018 during my indie sleaze era, which I know a lot of us were in too.

Ted and Grant finally introduced their newest album to us, Heatherhead, by playing Dirt Diamond, the single off the album, which had everyone singing along.

They soon followed with Waking Moment and Death Chasm, some of my favorites from their newest album. Then they took us back to their 2014 album, Alix, by playing Gold Silver Diamond where Ted showed us some serious skills on the keys and soundboard.

The encore was one of my favorite parts of the show. They played “Desperado/Yours Forever”, Xeno Bobby, and When They Fight, They Fight. It was a perfect conclusion to a great night and the vibes had everyone showing love. Their music has an almost nostalgic feel to it, which has you swaying and thinking about who you love most in this life.

Ted and Grant mentioned to us how they’ve been waiting to come back to Chicago since they performed at Lincoln Hall around 5 years ago. They missed the city crowds and unbeatable energy here, and we loved to have them back! 

If you’re interested in listening to Generationals more, check out these songs linked below!

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