WLUW is Hiring!

WLUW is currently looking to hire Loyola students for two roles on our executive staff. The positions are Studio Engineer and Music Director. You can find more information about each position below.


WLUW is currently seeking a current Loyola student to join executive staff as a studio engineer. The job includes emailing talent, coordinating live sessions and editing projects for posting on our Youtube and social media. In addition to studio responsibilities, the studio engineer would handle all audio needs at live events. This means running live audio for DJ sets and live bands. Finally, the studio engineer would participate as a valuable team member in all WLUW activities including festival coverage and band interviews. 

To qualify, must:

  • Have experience in audio engineering/sound production
  • Comfortable using Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition
  • Willing to collaborate with other staff to create exciting live sessions/projects
  • Willing to bring new ideas on expanding WLUW’s coverage

Here’s an example of past work our studio engineer has done:

To apply, please email your resume and any questions to wluwproduction@gmail.com by November 10th.


WLUW is seeking a current Loyola student to join executive staff as a Music Director. The role of Music Director oversees our music library, on-air rotation, as well as weekly music charts.

Every week MD’s listen to new releases and add the best to our on-air rotation and music library to keep it fresh. As an MD, you will chart these and our weekly top thirty to the NACC. 

As an MD you will also be working directly with labels, radio promoters, and artists via email and phone on new releases to determine if they are a good fit for WLUW’s sound. You will also be using these contacts to coordinate interviews with artists and coordinate festival coverage for Pitchfork, Riot Fest, Lolla, and more. Other responsibilities include organizing and publishing articles on the station’s blog, and reviewing albums. 

This position requires strong communication skills, knowledge of the station’s format sound, and strong motivation to meet weekly deadlines. 

To qualify, must:

  • Be comfortable emailing labels, promo companies and talent with a level of professionalism
  • Have some experience using website software such as WordPress
  • Some experience using Adobe Audition for editing interviews
  • Ability to meet strict weekly deadlines

To apply, please email your resume and any questions to musicdeptwluw@gmail.com by November 10th. Also be sure to include some of your favorite artists / albums you’ve been listening to recently!

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