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Article by Jack Patton

At Schubas on November 5th , Beach Bums came to visit. Boasting over 99k listeners on Spotify and originating from L.A., Beach Bums were on tour just for the weekend, their last show before this being in New York two days prior. According to both their Instagram and Spotify profiles, their music is “mecore”. I didn’t know what that was, but it’s a genre focused on celebrating the self. I could not tell you what genre it was outside of that. It felt like a mix of several yet none at all. With two guitarists, a bassist (Elijah Alamo), a singer (Jonathan Horsley), and a laptop, it was absolutely fantastic.

I didn’t get to see the first opener Sunday Cruise perform, but from what I’ve listened to post-show, I can tell you that they’re a band worth your while. Their top hit, “Philophobia”, feels almost like a more alt Beach Bunny. After giving them a listen on Spotify, I’m honestly upset I missed them. See them if you can! 

Jumex, the second opener, had what they told us was his “last show for a while,” but he should be releasing new music soonish. We were given a few sneak peaks, including his new song, “Ghost”. It carries relatable lyrics, and a punchy tone with it. I’ve added most of his songs he played to my playlists for when I’m having a slow afternoon. Look out for his new music, when it comes out! 

Back to Beach Bums. We started off with their song, “Whateverittakes“, which was a great song to get everyone into the concert mindset. The set continued on strong, with memorable moments such as the audience being asked to take out their lighters for “War”-because “we know you have them”. When it came to the band’s more intense songs, such as “Sheastripper” and “Chill Out” (the latter being described to the audience as “a song for angry people”, which was very correct,) the band put its all into it, with the lead singer jumping around the stage and screaming, and the rest with headbanging. Overall, a fantastic vibe.

When not singing, the band had a chill atmosphere, which made for a good scene. They would talk to us, and joke around. It even got so far as that one of the audience members bought the lead singer a Jeppson’s Malört shot right before the final song (For those of you unfamiliar; it’s a terrible drink but a Chicago tradition.) The final song, ironically called “Fah Q,” was a beautiful love song to end the night on. Well, if the crowd hadn’t demanded more. The real last song, “666,” was a wonderful way to end an amazing show. From what I can tell, they’ve gone back to L.A. for now, but if they ever come to Chicago again, this group is an absolute must-see. 

Check out Beach Bums on Spotify below!

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