Explore Your Voice With Tenci

Photo by Henry Hank Interview by Jess Dominguez and Olivia Best WLUW had a conversation with songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Jess Shoman of Tenci shortly after the release of their second album A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing. Tenci is a staple to the tight-knit Chicago music scene, making waves by blending a country-esque sound with intimate songwriting. Jess let us in on her personal inspirations and how it’s reflected in Tenci’s one of a … Continue reading Explore Your Voice With Tenci

WLUW’s Favorite Records Of 2022

2022 is officially behind us, but we at WLUW would not want to go into the new year without paying homage to our favorite releases of the year past. DJ's and staff of WLUW all chipped in to share their personal highlights from the wild musical year that was 2022. Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia Fontaines D.C. delivered their third album, Skinty Fia, this year, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Released … Continue reading WLUW’s Favorite Records Of 2022

Drugdealer Plays “Their Best Show Yet” Right Here in Chicago

Photo by Alyssa Kriner and article by Chloe Rafferty On November 11th, the LA based psychedelic rock band Drugdealer came to Thalia Hall to showcase their newest album Hiding in Plain Sight. The opener Revered Baron played songs from his new record From Anywhere, consisting of tracks that could either put you to sleep (in the best way possible) or slow dance with your crush. As reflected through his songs, the description of his music goes somewhat like “making you feel … Continue reading Drugdealer Plays “Their Best Show Yet” Right Here in Chicago

Ty Segall ‘In the Round’ at Thalia Hall

Article and Photography by Sarah Cline Ty Segall is a long-time favorite. From noisy psychedelia twinged rock to patient acoustic tracks, Segall’s prolific output guarantees that there’s something for everyone. Friday’s show marked the fifth night of Segall’s US Solo Acoustic Tour, and the show is a complete 180 from his tour this summer. The show at Thalia Hall was ‘In the Round’ meaning that instead of being on the venue’s main stage, Segall was … Continue reading Ty Segall ‘In the Round’ at Thalia Hall

Thalia Hall Gets Strange with Bartees!

Article and photos by: Jess Post This Tuesday, November 8, Bartees Strange rocked Thalia Hall.  Over the past few years, Bartees Strange (he/him), signed by the indie label 4AD, has forged a name for himself in the alternative music scene. He’s opened for big names like Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and The National to name a few.  While Pom Pom Squad was set to open for Strange, unfortunately, their tour bus was robbed in Italy … Continue reading Thalia Hall Gets Strange with Bartees!