Fruit Bats at Thalia Hall

Article and Photo by Aly Westrin  The infamous Thalia Hall, in the heart of Pilsen, filled with a crowd eager to see the Chicago native, Fruit Bats, on Friday, April 29th.   The show started at 8pm when the venue started filling up as the opener, Johanna Samuels, prepped the crowd for Fruit Bats by performing [...]

Where Are You, Andy?

Interview Conducted by Abby Utley and Ehmed Nauman Article by Abby Utley Imagine an ice cream sundae: it’s a smooth, fully decked out, all inclusive treat for your tastebuds. Now translate that satisfaction to your ears. In one soundbite, you can have it all: a decadent fusion of acoustic guitar and keys that set the [...]

Madi Diaz Talks Tour, Album Inspiration, and Performing at the Historic Ryman Auditorium

Interview and article Ella Govrik Nashville-based singer-songwriter Madi Diaz has joined Waxahatchee on tour, where she’s brought the audience nothing short of talented artistry and friendly stage presence.  Diaz released her album History of a Feeling in August 2021, and the eleven track record takes a deep dive into the grief and rage of heartbreak [...]