Exit Zine and Tape Compilation Drops to Bandcamp

By Allison Lapinski Exit Zine is a tape compilation and zine that brought together musicians from Chicago and the West Coast on the recent debut release. DePaul student and music journalist Avery Luke is the curator of the compilation. Her inspiration for this project was the 90s-era label Sarah Records, “because they did an interesting [...]

Our Picks for Bandcamp Friday!

It is Bandcamp Friday, and you (better) know what that means— all proceeds of today’s sales on the platform will go to the musicians. Considering that we are now approaching a year of living under the pandemic, if you can spare the extra cash, now would be the perfect time to show the bands you [...]

“Enactor” – Claude’s Dark and Dreamy Debut

By Makenzie Creden Opening up can be hard, but Claudia Ferme-Giralt has proven to be no stranger to vulnerability. Throughout her new EP Enactor, Chicago lyricist Claude takes listeners on a dark, deeply personal sonic journey through her headspace and the disorientating state of the world. The catharsis is evident in her delicate swirls of [...]

Local Artists Are Our Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here at WLUW we have a lot of love for independent musicians everywhere, but there’s no one we love more than the local artists who help to make the Chicago music scene so special. Here are some of our favorite Chicago artists who we especially want to show some love this Valentine’s, [...]

Revisiting “nostalgia,ULTRA.” – Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Frank Ocean’s Debut Mixtape

by Jason McCullum  There are few artists more universally beloved in the 2010s other than Christopher Breaux, professionally known as Frank Ocean. Gaining traction in Los Angeles as a renowned ghostwriter and Odd Future member, he quickly put out the acclaimed album Channel Orange in 2012, an album that received praise from fans and critics [...]